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Here is a picture of Tom and Janick, hanging out in a hammock on Day 2. Fantastic family bonding!


Ingrid and Gerardo, the Director, discussing the particulars of the shoot on set... as you can see, it's a great team!


Tom and Veronica are hanging out on the couch before a scene.


Our Director of Photography needed bodies to stand in position for the setting of the breathing section of the DVD. Here, we used the Director's wife and cousin, as well as the Director himself, and the music composer. Everyone seemed to be enjoying their time on the set!

Gerardo Diego
Ingrid Von Burg & Gerardo Diego
Director of Photography:
Alejandro Tapia Fenton
Tabby Biddle & Ingrid Von Burg
Cristian Bettler, Max Soussan,
Dean Macneil & Mark Volpe
Catie Cacci

image   Ingrid
Ingrid loves practicing yoga. She started as a kid, when at age 6, her Dad brought her to his adult classes. She was invited to participate, or just quietly observe. As she matured, she greatly valued those times spent with her family. She feels that yoga encourages us to center ourselves, which then allows us to relate, support, and give confidence to those around us. Ingrid also likes to swim, ski, and play frisbee. When she's not exercising, she is often found hanging out with her school friends. She has a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Villanova University and an MBA in from The Thunderbird School in International Management

image   Tom
Tom Morley has been teaching yoga for over 10 years in the Los Angeles area and leading luxury yoga retreats and workshops around the world. He was originally trained at Yogaworks Studio in Santa Monica California and has since studied and integrated many different types of yoga into his teaching. He emphasizes that yoga fits the individual and that it can be adapted to any type of person or life style. Tom uses energizing music to a vinyasa flow style class bringing a vibrant sense of joy, humor and ease.

image   Veronica
Veronica again enjoyed every minute of the Yoga for Grandparents DVD making process. Due to the generous hospitality of her parents, we were able to film at the home where she grew up, in Pacific Palisades. She is currently continuing her film industry experience as a international sales rep for a firm working exclusively with feature films, such as Kevin Costner's "Swing Vote". Of all her duties as head of sales, she enjoys the travel the most, which is no surprise since it's to all the major film festivals in places like Cannes, Toronto, and Berlin! She also loves to act, and as we can see, she looks absolutely beautiful on camera.

image   Yannick
Yannick loves playing with whatever crosses his path...his favorites are dogs, his parents, and his friends. After school, he likes playing soccer, going to the beach, and loves eating ice cream. Chocolate and vanilla are his favorite flavors, and sometimes he just likes hanging out in a hammock!

image   Isabel
Isabel is known for being wise beyond her years. Although only 9 years old during the filming, she embraced the experience like a grown-up yogini, feeling grateful for the experience that had entered her life. She is patient and calm, while still energetic and passionate about things that she cares about, like her friends and family. Isabel is beautiful from the inside out!

image   PIlar
Pilar loves staying active throughout her life. She plays tennis daily, walks on the beach, and also takes time to embrace the silence of the day. At the same time, she loves being around her family, enjoying games and doing yoga as a group. Pilar feels grateful to be living in a beautiful place in Mexico, with a beautiful family and great neighbors. She believes there is much to be grateful for in every stage of life!
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